I Have Never Been to Las Vegas

I am probably one of the only people I know who has never been to Las Vegas. I never really thought about it until a couple of years ago when I saw a friend post on Facebook. She went there to get married and she snapped a few pictures while she was eating at one of the buffets. Now I want to go there more than ever.

It probably sounds crazy that someone wants to go all the way to Vegas in order to go get something to eat, but that is exactly why I consider myself a foodie. I am willing to go above and beyond in order to find new taste sensations. The gambling, showgirls and entertainment do not appeal to me as much as the idea of sitting down in a place that has all of the food options in the world.

I am trying to convince everyone that we should plan a huge friends trip to Vegas. Many of them will have to get time off work, find babysitters and things like that. This is why they are acting like I am crazy for making this suggestion. I cannot help it; there is no way for me to continue calling myself a foodie without traveling to taste food in other places.

I have a new boyfriend and I think I may be able to convince him to head to Vegas with me. My birthday is in November, so I have plenty of time to save up some money. This may seem like a lot to do when you are in a new relationship, but I refuse to go all the way over there and have this experience alone. I need to have someone there to enjoy all of the food with me.