OJ Simpson may sue Las Vegas hotel for $100M, lawyer says

O.J. Simpson is threatening to sue the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas for $100 million over an incident in November that resulted in the former NFL star being banned from the establishment.

In a letter to the Cosmopolitan, Simpson’s lawyer, Malcolm P. LaVergne, claims the Cosmopolitan staff "acted with malice and racial prejudice" toward his client, who was reportedly kicked out of the hotel’s Clique Bar Nov. 8 after allegedly getting drunk and disruptive, FOX 5 Vegas reported.

LaVergne argues that Simpson “peacefully visited the Cosmopolitan property,” but contends the hotel created a "false narrative" that Simpson "was drunk, became disruptive at the Clique bar, was angry at hotel staff and glasses were broken at the bar," in a bid to negatively impact terms of his parole, according to the station.

Simpson was released on parole from a Nevada prison Oct. 1, after serving nine years for a botched 2007 hotel-room heist in Las Vegas.

The letter states that hotel staff failed to revoke the ban against Simpson despite police confirming via surveillance video that the accusations against the former pro running back and NBC sportscaster were false, the station reported.

LaVergne claims the hotel staff violated state and federal law, and has requested the preservation of evidence relating to the case, the according to the report.

Simpson became a subject of infamy after he went on trial in 1995 for the murder of his estranged wife and a waiter. He was ultimately acquitted in one of the most controversial rulings in U.S. history.

Benjamin Brown is a reporter for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @bdbrown473.

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